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Fall In Love with Fall!!!

Fall is my favorite season for weddings! While many brides have chosen the summer in the past more and more are now opting for the romantic backdrops that autumn has to offer. In order to have a unforgettable event take all details into consideration. Let's look at a few areas where your event can truly pop!!!  


Take the opportunity to highlight the season with your bridesmaids. This would be a great way to display your style. While you may want to stay in a white or ivory gown you have the chance to let your girls shine with a different style!! 


Mother Nature has amazing backdrops to offer! Think of awesome parks where you showcase the different shades of reds, golds, purple, browns! Don't rule out a rustic loft space or barn!!!


Make your guest feel special with added touches to your event. Think of "the small" details that will make them feel warm. The use of lanterns, candles, and garland would add a intimate flare even shoot for something like a hot apple cider station. Lighting will be very important. While lanterns and candles are nice for tabletops and floors you may need to add more lighting in the room to get the full effect. 


Chic food displays always catch the attention of your guest. Get creative with your display options. Use metallic and gold accents to make your food stations pop. Think about comfort foods that will make your guest remember the amazing flavors! Create a specialty drink that brings the whole night together. Whiskey and bourbons have great flavors for this time of year.


Embrace the love in the air and have fun planning your special fall nuptials! 

Happy Planning,